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Royal Villas are located in the South-East corner of Empire Project. With the highest quality utility systems in place and constructed from the finest materials, the 300 villas are of a very modern design and span a plot area of 565,000m2.
Total construction area: 117,500m2.


Phase 1:
  • 4 bedrooms: 320m2.
  • 5 bedrooms: 320m2.
Phase 2:
  • 4 bedrooms: 400m2.
Phase 3:
  • 4 bedrooms: 340m2.


Royal Apartments are located in the South-West of the Empire Project. The innovative, contemporary design of the apartments and the site landscape provides a high quality, luxury, urban lifestyle set in a pastoral setting.
Royal Apartments feature the following amenities: Swimming Pool. Tennis Courts. Playground. Gardens.
Total plot area: 151,000m2. Total construction area: 353,000m2.
32 towers ranging from 10 – 12 floors,Total apartments: 804

Phase A and B : 175m2
 175m2 Three-bedroom apartments (3+1) They consist of :-
3 bedrooms,
a living room
3 bathrooms
Phase C : 274m2

274m2 Three-bedroom apartments (3+1) They consist of :-

3 bedrooms
a living room
3 bathrooms
2 Balcon


Residential Wings luxury apartments are located in the West and East of the Empire Project. A total of 2,008 apartments are spread over 26 buildings with 15 buildings on the West Wing and 11 buildings on the East Wing. Starting at 9 floors, the buildings gradually rise to 27 floors high.

The apartments are divided into the following:

  • Studio apartments: 132 apartments with an area of 67m2 .
  • 1-bedroom: 396 apartments with areas ranging from (91 – 127)m2
  • 2-bedroom: 1,032 apartments with areas ranging from (180 – 195)m2
  • 3-bedroom: 328 apartments with areas ranging from (216 – 231)m2
  • 4 Bedroom: 24 Duplex apartments (2 Floors) with an area ranging from (377 – 383) m2 (Type 1)
  • 4 Bedroom: 8 Duplex apartments (2 Floors) with an area ranging from (406 – 412) m2 (Type 2)


The Empire Business Towers comprise 5 towers in the center of the Empire Project site.
The main tower, T1, is 27 floors high and covers a construction area of 24,000m2. T1 is surrounded by 4 other towers in a circular shape, (T2 – T5). Each tower has a construction area of 21,000m2and is 23 floors high.
Central Business Tower, T1, is divided into the following spaces: The basement and ground floors are designated for information and office services. The first floor, mezzanine floor and second floors include a conference hall, business center and meeting rooms. 9 floors divided into 4 offices each with an average area of 215m2. 8 floors divided into 2 offices each with an average area of 520m2. 6 floors comprised of 1 office with an average area of 1,045m2.
T2, T3, T4 and T5 are divided as follows: Each floor has an area of 911m2 subdivided into 7 offices: 5 offices at 123m2. 2 offices at 148m2. The offices can be easily merged to create a larger space or left as stand-alone units.


Empire Business Complex is located at both sides of the Main Gate at the North entrance of the Empire Project.

  • Total plot area: 24,000m2.
  • Total construction area: 30,600m2.
  • 6 towers, each 25m high.
  • 6 floors – each floor 850m2.

Car Parking

  • Three levels of underground parking surround the main Tower (T1) accommodating 456 spaces.
  • A total of 1,320 parking spaces (704 underground and 616 above ground) are provided for T2, T3, T4 and T5.


Empire Avenue Set at the forefront of one of Erbil’s most sought after and prestigious communities, Empire Avenue offers the best possible location to live, work and play. With a host of stylish cafes, top restaurants and an array of fashionable stores, Empire Avenue enables residents and visitors alike to not only experience the best possible lifestyle, but the very best of Erbil Empire Avenue New Entrance THE BEST OF BOTH WORLDS. Empire Avenue isn’t simply an urban walkway– it’s a sanctuary. Here, lush green landscapes and wide boardwalks and fascinating fountains provide the luxurious backdrop for pedestrian-friendly living set within a warm and energetic urban setting. Residents and visitors seeking to relax will find our vibrant promenades and wide open public spaces, tastefully appointed with urban interactive gardens and sculptures that create a backdrop of true sophistication and refinement. Meanwhile, those who crave a little retail therapy or a leisurely bite to eat may stroll through a walkway lane connected to contemporary streetscapes, bustling with high-class shopping and urban eateries. AN URBAN OASIS The mixed use of community space comprises of an exciting retail and entertainment district, an interactive park, water fountains, cafes, a women’s center, and VIP parking, with high-end retail and leisure at ground level and guest underground parking.


Empire- Diamonds are designed using the latest, aeshetically pleasing morden architectural advances that mirror the region’s environment and climate.
west diamond  are designed for commercial purposes that consist of 3 buildings with 25 floors with a variety of diffrent area from studio 1+0 to 2+1

studio 1+0 area is (48m2
that consist of:

  • a reception and open kitchen
  • bathroom

1+1 apartmets areas are (91m2-101m2-106m2-118m2-138m2)
these apartments consist of:

  • 1 rooms
  • 1 reception
  • open kitchen
  • bathroom

2+1 apartmets areas are (195m2)
these apartments consist of:

  • 2 rooms
  • 1 reception
  • open kitchen
  • 2 bathroom

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