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Roya International is a British tech-savvy estate agent offering tailored real estate brokerage services in Erbil as a branch office for residential and commercial properties, and providing value seeking tenants, landlords, and investors with advice based on integrity and solid market fundamentals needed in achieving superior results. We specialise in the sales and marketing of buying and selling properties, lettings, and property management in Erbil, Dubai, and the United Kingdom. We believe in providing our clients with objective, real-time insights that can help you make informed decisions. We believe personal interaction is essential to matching each client with the property that best meets their requirements.

Roya International specialises in identifying wealth building successful opportunities for investors, and clients of all levels through property investment across Erbil, Dubai and the United Kingdom. We pride ourselves on our trustworthy, integrity, transparency, knowledge, innovation, and quality of service, which sets us apart from our competitors.We build long-term relationships that enable us to provide personalised, clear and well-considered property investment advice on all aspects of property in Erbil, Dubai and the UK real estate markets. Whether you’re interested in residential and commercial real estate opportunities or diversifying property investment portfolios, we are confident in our ability to provide you with the right solution. If you want to build your future safely and profitably through property investment, reach out to us today as your “knowledge partner” and unlock several “better” opportunities. 

Roya International is a British firm whose branch now operates in Erbil to provide you with comprehensive real estate services including buying, selling, letting, and property management and marketing in Erbil, Dubai and the United Kingdom. Our team is dedicated to finding optimal solutions tailored to your unique property requirements. We will help you navigate the real estate market with ease and confidence.


Building Futures: Tailored Real Estate Services by Roya International in Erbil and Beyond

Roya International, a British estate agent in Erbil, offers tailored real estate services for residential and commercial properties, focusing on integrity and market fundamentals. Specializing in sales, lettings, and property management in Erbil, Dubai, and the UK, we provide objective insights and personal interactions to match clients with the right properties. With a focus on wealth-building opportunities and long-term relationships, we offer trustworthy advice and innovative solutions to help clients build their future safely and profitably through property investment.

Our Vision

At Roya International, we are aspiring to become leading estate agents in the world and to build trust with a customer-centric approach. Our goal is to provide sustainable and affordable housing solutions globally while fostering communities that prioritise connection and a better future, with a commitment to customer satisfaction, integrity, and excellence.

Our Mission

We work with a mindset to help our clients realise their property motivations through our outstanding services and to exceed our clients' property aspirations through unparalleled service, leveraging cutting-edge technology. Our purpose is to find and implement efficient and effective property management and investment solutions, while cultivating a culture of innovation, continuous learning, and empowerment for our staff.

Our Values

Our driving forces are what sets us apart and we stand by the values of trustworthy, integrity, Knowledge, innovation, transparency and quality to accomplish excellence.

Our Team

At Roya International Estate, our team comprises experts who are dedicated to continual self-improvement to deliver the finest services to our clients. Each member invests in their professional growth, ensuring that they stay abreast of the latest trends and developments in the real estate industry. With their combined expertise and commitment, our team stands ready to provide unparalleled service and support to meet your property needs.

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