Aram Ahmed

CEO & Founder

About Me

Empowering people to own and grow wealth through real estate

Roya International is a British estate agent with a solid reputation in the UK and the UAE. Roya International UK is thrilled to expand into the Iraq and Kurdistan real estate market after the success of Roya International United Kingdom.

Our mission is to assist value-seeking and impact investors, property owners, and tenants in achieving superior results by offering guidance based on both integrity and solid market fundamentals. We believe in providing our clients with objective, real-time insights that can help them make informed decisions. We specialise in providing high-quality consulting, management, and strategic insights to help businesses succeed in today’s dynamic market context.

Entering the rapidly expanding Kurdistan and Iraq real estate markets, especially Erbil, we aim to demonstrate our global competence and contribute to innovation strategies in the real estate market. We are prepared to develop long-term partnerships and support growth with our valued clients by drawing on our experience, a competent workforce, and cutting-edge technological solutions to provide 360 services for our clients in Erbil, Dubai, and the UK. Roya International Kurdistan and Iraq delivers a strong dedication to excellence and extensive experience to the thriving Iraq and Kurdistan real estate services.